The V-circle


It may sounds strange to you, but every single human being is being driven by one of those 9 circles. You will recognize something of you in every circle, but what is your specific inner motivation?

Discovering someone’s motivations and personality is a challenging process. The V-circle is the perfect model and tool for that: an accurate method that forces you to see through behavior and find out someone’s inner motivation. As soon as you recognize your V-circle, you will know the ideals you are chasing. This is very useful information because it reveals where your frustrations in life come from.



Every human is being driven by his own unique V-circle. The V-circle refers to four main inner motivations, Addiction, Attraction, Avoidance and Anticipation. The V-circle determines your personality, and reveals your favorite survival strategy.

As long as you are unaware of your V-circle, the four drivers will amplify each other and keep the V-circle intact. Unconsciously and unwillingly, we are spinning around in this vicious circle. Knowing your V-circle will teach you what ideals you continue to chase, which believes limit your perspective and the issues you have to deal with in life.