Many coaches with the best intentions, give mainly behavioural advice. This is because they are unaware of the unconscious motivations of their clients. Behavioural coaching is usually the same as fighting symptoms of an illness, rather than its cause. It rarely solves the real problem, and only serves to increase the frustration. It often exacerbates the issue too.

Suppose an organization may strive for people to stick to the appointments made. Even though everyone may see the benefit and agrees to the principle in practice most people rarely stay committed for a longer period of time. We say: our unconscious beliefs block a lasting change. We always unconsciously choose the behavior that brings the most psychological satisfaction. The behavior that serves our personal motivation best. For example, someone may have the unconscious conviction that you lose your flexibility by sticking to appointments made. Or you may be convinced that making someone stick to the appointment will always lead to a conflict.

In short, on a conscious level everybody may agree that one should stick to appointments made and everybody should be held responsible for that, on an unconscious level this agreement will evoke immediate resistance in case it does not fit your unconscious motives and beliefs.

If you want to change things in life, in your team or organization, it is important that the unconscious motives and convictions of people are revealed. A V-circle coach looks for the ideal images and convictions that keep a complaint alive. That’s how you find and solve the real problem!