The V-Circle Academy

Have you ever felt you should be getting more out of life, your career, your relationships and yourself? Well you probably have. But then, how to proceed?

Usually we hope something or someone in the outside world will change, instead of trying to find the solution within ourselves. At the V-circle Academy we take a different approach. We help people understand their inner and unconscious motivations. These motivations determine 95% of what we do … always.

Understanding your personal motivations will reveal your set strategies in handling situations at work and in life in general. Moreover, it will help you break through these patterns, change your limiting beliefs and become a better you, at the private and professional level.

The 9 V-circles

The V-circle method is a unique and powerful method, providing accurate insight into our inner motivations and personality.

All humans are unconsciously driven by their unique vicious psychological circles. Each of the nine V-circles consists of four psychological drivers.

Knowing your V-circle is like reading your personal manual. This kind of awareness gives you more control over your own life and you can decide to do the things that are good for you. When you know who you are and why you do the things you do, you realize why it is hard to change your behaviour. You can truly become the best version of yourself. You just need to know what to, and what to avoid doing.

The five principles of effective coaching!

In this book psychologist Monique Schouten explains the theory on unconscious motivations. The combination of theory and practical case studies makes this book very accessible and essential for those who want te understand their unconscious motivations better. It offers a leap forward for organizations and companies that want to invest in their human capital.

A must-read for everyone who is personally and professionally interested in a better understanding of their inner motivations and those of others.